Maybe you're wondering who these two smiling people in the photo are! It's me, Paolo, with my wife Monica. We have three sons: Roberto, Giulio and Marco.
We work and live in Milan (Italy) from Monday to Friday but during the week-end we go back home, to a little village of the Aosta Valley. We both love Aosta Valley and we often enjoy doing a lot of mountain sports, like skiing in the winter and walking and climbing during the summer. We also love going to the seaside where we enjoy diving and waterskiing. During the weekdays, within my few moments of spare time I play Squash.
What else can I tell you about our hobbies? Monica likes cooking and she often uses me to test her recipes. She also loves reading, expecially history books. I'm interested in everything regarding computers and the internet. I love classical, especially baroque music and I play the pipe organ at the church in the little village where we live.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, tell us something about you!
If you are interested in either mine or my wife's work or if you like the same sports and hobbies that we do, drop us a line!