Personal details

Name:                      Paolo FAURE RAGANI
Nationality:               Italian
Year of birth:            1969

Formal education

Politecnico di Milano, Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, 100/100 e LODE, February 1995.

Liceo Classico Aosta, High School Diploma, 60/60, 1988 (Diploma di Maturita' Classica).

Degree Thesis on: "Computer simulation of the dynamic behaviour of a helicopter rotor with flexible blades using a multibody approach".

The Thesis stems from the practical requirement of verifying the applicability of a generalised program for the dynamic analysis of multibody systems in the field of helicopters.

Work experience

Since December 2011 at "ABB S.p.A. - Power Products Division" (Dalmine)
Position: Global Product Group Technology Manager
Main task: Technology Manager for Medium Voltage apparatuses. Funding and coordination of worldwide R&D projects for indoor and outdoor circuit breakers, contactors, switches and disconnectors.

From August 2007 to November 2011 at "ABB Sace S.p.A." (Vittuone)
Position: R&D Manager
Main task: Head of the LBU DIN Rail Components design office. Design of Thermo-magnetic and Residual Current circuit breakers for DIN Rail mounting

From July 2002 to July 2007 at "ABB Sace S.p.A" (Bergamo)
Position: Project Leader / Simulation Team responsible
Main Task: Responsible for international and corporate R&D projects. Design & Industrial Engineering offices support with simulation and optimization activities

From March 2001 to June 2002 at "ABB Italian Corporate Research Center"
Position: Project Leader
Main Task: Structural and dynamic analyses of mechanical systems

From May 2000 to February 2001 at "SASP Offshore Engineering (ENI Group)"
Position: Senior Structural Engineer
Main Task: Structural analysis of pipelines and Offshore Structures

From June 1996 to April 2000 at "CISE Tecnologie Innovative/ ENEL Research Center" (Milano) within the System Development and Modeling Department / Structural Engineering Division
Position: Structural Engineer
Main task: development and use of computer codes for structural analysis of mechanical systems based on Finite Elements models

Computer experience

Operating systems: MS WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX
Computer languages: FORTRAN, VISUAL BASIC
Software: Multibody: Samtech/Mecano, LMS/Virtual.Lab, MSC/ADAMS
                 CAD/CAE: DS Catia, DS Solid Works
                 Logistics: Lanner/WITNESS

Foreign languages

French: fluent
English: good


Lanz, M., P. Mantegazza and P. Faure Ragani, Aeroelastic Rotor Dynamics by General Finite Element and Multibody Approaches, IX World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Vol. 2, pp. 1650-1656, August-September 1995, Milano, Italy

Frangi A., Faure-Ragani P. Ghezzi L., Magneto-mechanical simulations by a coupled Fast-Multipole Method-Finite Element Method, Proceedings of the Second M.I.T. Conference, Boston, June 2003, K.J.Bathe ed., vol.2 , pp.1347-1350, Elsevier, 2003

Frangi A., Faure-Ragani P. Ghezzi L., Coupled Fast Multipole Method - Finite Element Method for the analysis of magneto-mechanical problems, Proceedings of the Sixth French National Congress "Calcul des structures", Giens, May 20 23, M Bonnet, M Potier Ferry, A.Bignonnet eds, vol 3, pp. 273-280, 2003

Frangi A., Ghezzi L., Faure-Ragani P., Analysis Of Large Scale Industrial Coupled Magneto-Mechanical Problems, Proceedings of the AIMETA XVI Congress, Ferrara, September 9-12, 2003 (on CD-ROM)

M.Binci, A. Frangi, P. Faure, A. Corigliano, Rotating Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors: 3D finite element modelling, Proceedings of the AIMETA XVI Congress, Ferrara, September 9-12, 2003 (on CD-ROM)

C. L. Bottasso, A. Croce, L. Ghezzi, P. Faure, On the Solution of Inverse Dynamics and Trajectory Optimization Problems for Multibody Systems, Multibody System Dynamics, Volume 11, Issue 1, Feb 2004

Frangi A., Ghezzi L., Faure-Ragani P., Magneto-mechanical simulations by a coupled fast multipole method-finite element method and multigrid solvers, Computer and Structures 83, pp 718-726, 2005

Additional information

Holder of glider's pilot licence (released by Aviazione Civile Italiana)

Holder of Nautical licence for use of motor boats within 12 miles off shore

Holder of Rescue Diver scuba certificate

Holder of Amateur Radio License (IW1FSF)

Achieved 5th year of piano studies at the Conservatono Musicale di Alessandria  (1987)

Completed the military service as a Lieutenant in the Italian Air Force