I know this page could be not so interesting for you. Noneless I like to have it here.
It allows to monitor real time my photovoltaic plant and to look at the energy production statistics.

Do you have as well a photovoltaic plant with the inverter connected to the Internet?
You'll find here below a form allowing you to create a similar page for a plant like mine connected to the Internet.
If you're interested in generating and storing energy production statistical data as well, do not hesitate to contact me. I can explain to you how I realized it and share with you needed code files.

Insert here data to monitor your photovoltaic plant.
The script works with an "Aurora" inverter from Power One (or a "PVI inverter from ABB) contected to the Internet via a RS485<->Ethernet converter.

(ex. "111.222.333.444" or "")
(to check the connection with the converter if the inverter is OFF - default="23")
(default="2" - typical value if you have one inverter only)

The monitoring page was realized by reviewing and translating into ASP.NET some files available on
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