=> Online Track and Waypoints visualization

This tool visualizes over a map tracks and waypoints saved within a specific user file.
The user can use both road maps and aerial photographs. The map size is automatically adjusted according to the area covered by the tracks.
Tracks and waypoints must be saved in GPX format.
The conversion of a GPS log file into .GPX format can be easily performed with lot of freeware SW tools available on the Internet.
To start the online Track and Waypoints plot on aerial photographs: ==> Click here <==

=> Get Latitude and Longitude coordinates

This tool allows to get Latitude and Longitude coordinates of a specific point just by clicking on a map.
The user can use both road maps and aerial photographs. The same tool can locate on the map a point by typing its coordinates.
The conversion of a GPS log file into .GPX format can be easily performed with lot of freeware SW tools available on the Internet.
To start enquiring coordinates: ==> Click here <==

=> MyGPS

MyGPS is a Freeware software for the creation and the management of longitude and latitude calibrated maps.
The software can define points of interest obtaining their coordinates (waypoints), can create routes (routepoints), can visualize track paths (trackpoints).
Using a serial link, points routes and tracks can be shared with "eTrex" and "Geko" GARMIN GPS devices.
Thanks to the import/export via GPX format, all GPS information can be shared with almost any other GPS data management and communication software.

The program runs under Windows95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.
A release with a reduced number of features (MyGPS_PDA) is available for mobile devices with PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 operating systems.

It has been written and it is owned by Paolo Faure Ragani ( and by Pier Paolo Colombo.
Before using the software, please read carefully the licence and disclaimer agreement.

Main features

  • map calibration starting from a raster graphic file (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif ...)
  • creation, import from file or download from GPS device of waypoints and visualization over the calibrated map
  • creation, import from file or download from GPS device of routes and visualization over the calibrated map
  • import from file or download from GPS device of tracks and visualization over the calibrated map
  • display of altitude profile of routes and tracks
  • main route or track information analysis
  • bidirectional interface using the protocol of GARMIN "eTrex" and "Geko" GPS devices
  • real time latitude ad longitude acquisition from all NMEA protocol compliant GPS devices
  • waypoints, routes and tracks import/export via the GPX format
  • dual language menus (Italian and English)
  • distances and altitudes available both in Metric and Nautical units
  • available in a light version for PDA devices (PocketPC)

More detailed information on the program can be found in the User's Manual
Some MyGPS screenshots are listed below:


MyGPS_PDA is a light MyGPS version for PocketPC systems. It reads the NMEA sentences coming from a GPS antenna connected to the PocketPC and shows your position on a MyGPS calibrated map. The program can also store on a file the track log together with specific waypoints created by the user.
MyGPS_PDA requires the Ewe VM installed on the PocketPC. You can donwload it for free from
A few screenshots of MyGPS_PDA are listed below:

Thanks to Stefano Carrara for his "hardware support"!


Before downloading the software, please carefully read the licence and disclaimer agreement.

MyGPS 2.6:  
   -> MyGPS 2.6 Setup

MyGPS_PDA 3.3:  
   -> MyGPS_PDA 3.3 (available for PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6)
   -> Ewe VM (Mandatory to run MyGPS_PDA)

Maps & examples:  
   -> calibrated map of Italy  
   -> example calibrated map with waypoints and a tutorial file   

If you have downloaded the software and you like it let us know!


03/04/2002  Last Authors meeting until late night for final code enhancements ...
05/04/2002  MyGPS rev. 1.0.0 is online!
08/04/2002  Release of MyGPS rev. 1.0.1 with a minor bug on large number of trackpoints download removed
16/06/2002  Release of MyGPS rev. 1.2.5 with dynamic drag of maps and points and with help files.
11/08/2002  Release of MyGPS rev. 1.4.2 with enhanced route functions and NMEA protocol support.
02/01/2003  Release of MyGPS rev. 1.4.3 with new Setup files and minor enhancements.
10/06/2003  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.2.1 with map zooming, print function and import/export via GPX format.
18/06/2003  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.3.1 that solves some installation and execution problems on win95/98 systems.
06/08/2003  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.3.2 with few enhancements.
04/12/2003  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.3.3 with waypoint/routepoint/trackpoint selection buttons.
14/07/2004  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 1.0.
19/01/2005  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.4.0 with route and track reverse functionality and other minor enhancements.
01/03/2005  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.5.0 with import/export of maps in ".MyGPS" compressed format.
01/03/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.0.1 with big maps management and compass visualization.
02/04/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.0.2 updated for Ewe 1.43 Virtual Machine.
18/04/2005  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.5.1 with a .MyGPS file renaming issue solved.
18/04/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.1.0 with enhanced compatibility with low memory devices.
20/05/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.1.1 with a Clipping Area bug solved.
06/09/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.2.0 with cursor on the map showing both position and direction.
01/12/2005  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev. 2.2.1 with a minor bug for W Longitude or S Latitude removed.
14/01/2007  Release of MyGPS rev. 2.6.0 with Metric and Nautical units.
26/07/2008  Release of MyGPS_PDA rev 3.3.2 with Waypoints and Tracklog management.

Planned features for next releases

    -> Elevation data management
    -> Fine calibration tuning
    -> ...

    -> Tracklog visualization on the map
    -> Zoom in & Zoom out
    -> Elevation data management
    -> ...

Online mapping tools are based on Microsoft Virtual Earth
"Windows", "PocketPC" and "Virtual Earth" are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, USA
"eTrex" and "Geko" are trademarks of Garmin Ltd., UK